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Annual 2015 WSOP Tunica Trip Recap

For the fourth year in-a-row, a contingent of players from our local “home game” group made the annual trek to Tunica, MS to play in one (or more) WSOP Circuit events. I struggled with the title for this blog, finally … Continue reading

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Can Dolly Parton beat Anna Kournikova?

I got the idea for this blog from a friend when he told me that his wife was reading one of my previous posts, and that she was “cracking up” at some of the poker lingo I used. Since poker … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Tournament Summary

A few people have asked me to email a summary of the winners from last night’s game.  But, since I haven’t written a blog post in over a month, I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to put something … Continue reading

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Rabbit Hunting

When I was much younger, I loved rabbit hunting.  There were a couple of ways to do it.  If we didn’t have dogs, which was most of the time, three or four of my friends and I would form a … Continue reading

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Poker, Ferrets, and Snakes

 A couple of nights ago, I played in a Cash Game at Matt’s (aka Aquaman’s), and had one of the worst nights I’ve had at the poker table – ever (I only won 2 or 3 small pots in four hours).  To add … Continue reading

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Pocket Aces

Pocket Aces [Bullets, Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Weapons of Mass Destruction, or whatever name you want to call them] remind me of a first date with a beautiful woman, present wife excluded.  When you first see them, you’re really excited and have high expectations, … Continue reading

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Bubble Boy

There was an episode in the Seinfeld TV series once about a “bubble boy”; a boy who had an immune deficiency disease.  But, that’s not the kind of bubble boy I’m referring to here.  Rather, it’s the dreaded poker “Bubble Boy”; otherwise known … Continue reading

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A Rainy Night in San Francisco and Omaha Hi/Lo (or not)

I’m in San Francisco, and it’s been raining every day and night for the last several days.  So, a couple of nights ago, I decided to forego my nightly battle with the elements to eat dinner, and just “stay in”.  … Continue reading

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WSOP Tunica 2012 Recap

Poker was the main excuse, (I mean reason) for our Tunica trip.  Certainly, there was a lot of poker playing going on; however, there were numerous other activities that made it a memorable trip.  At least 16 people from our local … Continue reading

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WSOP Tunica 2012 – Revised

First, I was going to play in a WSOP Circuit event in Tunica this year; then, I wasn’t going to Tunica because it’s on Super Bowl weekend.  But, after learning that there will be a large contingent of players from our local “Home Circuit” playing, … Continue reading

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