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Snowy Day Photos

I’ve added a few new photos to my “Favorites”.  I went for an early morning stroll today with my camera.  These are a few of the ones I like the most.     Click on an image for a larger photo; … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Although this blog is mainly about Poker and Bowling, I did say that I would occasionally write about other topics.  This is one of those times. When I was a kid, Christmas Eve seemed like the longest day of the … Continue reading

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First HO Tournament

The Boblagio hosted its first HO tournament, (possibly not what you think ), this past weekend.  We played our usual Hold ‘Em, and added Omaha High (i.e. HO).  I’ve played a one table HO elsewhere before, but this was my first … Continue reading

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Tunica WSOP Satellite Summary

As expected, last night’s game was a tough but enjoyable table.  The action started early, when Chris W., who arrived a couple of hands late, went against Kenny his very first hand.  They raised and re-raised until they got it all in on a … Continue reading

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WSOP Satellite

This weekend, The Boblagio is hosting a one table satellite tournament, with the winner receiving a seat in the WSOP $345 Circuit Event in Tunica on January 29, 2011. Once it was announced, the table filled quickly.  It’s made up of … Continue reading

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Franklin Lanes Superstars League

Last week, I wrote about the history of The Boblagio.  I thought I’d also give some background about one of my other passions, bowling, and how my participation in the Franklin Superstars league came about. When I was in high … Continue reading

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History of The Boblagio

I thought I’d explain how “The Boblagio” came about. First, I’ll begin with a little about my personal background in poker.  My parents taught me how to play Five-card draw when I was a child, probably when I was around … Continue reading

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