Last Night’s Tournament Summary

A few people have asked me to email a summary of the winners from last night’s game.  But, since I haven’t written a blog post in over a month, I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to put something current on this site.  So, here I sit, after 3 hours sleep, and looking at slabs of granite all day, (which I don’t even want to discuss), preparing to tell you about what you missed if you weren’t at The Boblagio in the wee hours this morning.

We had a good-size group of 21 players (the attendance is usually down somewhat during the summer due to vacations and such) registered for the tourney.  Several of our “regulars” were out-of-town, and we had a couple of new, first-time at The Boblagio players, including my neighbor, Jack.  I think Jack decided to play because the cars from my game block his driveway and he can’t go anywhere else, so he decided to just walk across the street and join us.

Kevin set the tone early,  just as the cards were “in-the-air”, by requesting applause for me hosting the game, and then [good-naturally] requesting applause for Choo’s donation to the prize fund.  He was still holding a grudge against Choo for knocking him out previously at Choo’s game when Choo had Quads to Kevin’s Full-House (I think it was a Full House, or it could have been a Flush).

It didn’t take long for the action to pick-up.  Zack, who had been tweeting “smack” to a few of the other players throughout the week, busted-out early when Choo held the Nut-Club Flush.  Luckily for Zack, well – not ex-Zachtly, we had one optional re-buy.  Zack figured his luck would turn-around, so he bought back in.  He was wrong! A short-time later, Zack busted-out again, and was the first player to hit-the-rail.  He thought about hanging around for the cash game, but decided to go home and play video games and tweet some more.  Walter followed Zack to the rail, but decided to stay and watch the Olympics until the cash game started.

The game progressed as usual, with players being eliminated one-by-one.  With 16 players remaining, we consolidated to two tables.  And, when we were down to 10 players, the final table was set.  I had somehow managed to limp to the final table, albeit with a short stack.

There was an unfortunate mishap that I truly felt bad about.  The table folded around to me, seated somewhere around the button or cut-off seat and I shoved all-in.  Bruce was one seat to my left, and he thought about calling, but folded.  The last player to act was Kenny, who had been collecting the antes for the table.  When he went to look at his cards to decide whether to call, he didn’t have any; they had inadvertently gotten mixed into the muck.  So, I won the hand uncontested.

We were paying four places, and I was still in, but still short-stacked, when we were down to five players.  Bruce had returned to our game after a long hiatus, and was also one of the final five. His chip stack dwindled after losing a couple of hands.  I was pretty much card dead, but managed to win enough pots to stay alive, and hoped to just outlast Bruce, Chris W., and a couple of other players to back-into the money.  Bruce eventually became the “Bubble Boy”, and my diabolical plan of “getting lucky” had worked!

The usual bad beats and suck-outs occurred.  I remember one particular hand where I was once again all-in with A-7; and was called by Doc, who had A-Q.  I spiked a 7 on the flop, and it held-up.  Kenny took some bad beats, but was able to locate his cards for the remainder of the night, and ended-up being eliminated in fourth place.  I was still the short stack with three players remaining, and continued to hang-on.  Derek B., who had been traveling a lot, was also able to return to The Boblagio after a long absence, and finished in 3rd place.

When we began heads-up play, Doc held about a 2:1 (or better) chip lead, with 165,000 chips in play.  The blinds were pretty high, around 1,500/3,000, or so, plus antes of 500, and I shoved several hands in a row, and Doc folded each time.  I actually had a hand a couple of times. ;-)

As almost always happens with heads-up play, a very significant hand was dealt.  Todd had left the cash game and was dealing for us.  Doc raised me all-in, and I called with my pocket 9′s.  Doc turned over 7′s, and I was in good shape to double up.  A 7 came on the flop to give Doc a set, and it appeared that I was about to be eliminated.  Doc got greedy :) and was asking Todd for another 7 on the turn.  However, he rolled-over a 9, and an insignificant card on the river; and we swapped chip stack sizes.  A short-time later, Doc shoved all-in with an Ace-Kicker, and I called with what turned out to be an Ace-Bigger Kicker. These chips ended-up on my side of the table:

My hand had held up, and I had “lucked” my way from final table short-stack to winner; thus ending my “cashless” streak at The Boblagio at five tournaments.

For those people unable to make it out to the game last night, we received a one-time sponsorship from Fool Tilt Poker, and the payouts were:

1st Place – $100,000
2nd Place – $50,000
3rd Place – $25,000
4th Place – $10,000

A few players have mentioned that they enjoyed the HO tournament I once held.  So, I think my next tournament will be a “HO” (Hold’em/Omaha) Mixed Tourney.  I hope to see EVERYONE there; who knows, maybe we’ll have another sponsor. ;)

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