Tunica WSOP Satellite Summary

As expected, last night’s game was a tough but enjoyable table.  The action started early, when Chris W., who arrived a couple of hands late, went against Kenny his very first hand.  They raised and re-raised until they got it all in on a board of QJT9.  Chris turned over KQ and Kenny had AK to be in a position to double up early.  But alas, it wasn’t to be, as an Ace came on the river allowing Chris to suck out for a chopped pot.  That hand pretty much summed-up Kenny’s night.

Robin had trouble “getting traction” and was the first to bust out.  She’s such a good player (as I mentioned in a previous post - she won a WSOP Main Event seat in a league she hosted), that I was glad to see her out.  Kenny’s bad run continued, and he went out next, when his boat was crushed by a bigger boat. 

Chris W. did not seem his usual self, I think arriving late threw him off his game a little, and he had an up-and-down night.  He was down to “a chip and a chair” at one point.  He started to make a comeback, accumulating some chips, but went out next when he went all in with TT and my KK held up.

Randy was the next player out.  On one hand, he thought for a long time when I put in a big raise on the river, and eventually folded. I showed my bluff with a 4 6, which I seldom do.  I think it was the very next hand that I flopped a straight, when AKQ hit my pocket JT, and put Randy out.  Kyle’s strategy of playing aggressive and seeing almost every flop eventually caught up with him, and he went out in 5th place.  Suresh, a relative newcomer to poker, played solid; finished a respectable 4th.  Once, when facing a raise by Kyle, he made a great lay-down, showing his KK, and then Kyle showed his AA.  Due to a prior commitment, Andre, playing for the first time at The Boblagio, was not able to arrive until about 8:30, and was blinded-out for a few rounds.  He proved to also be a strong player and overcame his late start, finishing 3rd when he more-or-less went card dead when we got down to three-handed play.

When we began heads-up play, I had a slight chip lead over Chris H.  He was playing very aggressive, raising on almost every hand.  I knew he was bluffing often, but I was picking up rags every hand and didn’t feel like risking a bluff re-raise.  So, I was folding every hand, and the chip lead swung to Chris.  We battled back and forth until I picked up a pocket pair (5′s I think) and shoved.  Chris called with AQ, and my pair held-up, putting me back in the chip lead.  Another hand, all of my chips were in the middle with a KJ, Chris turned over KJ also, for a chopped pot.  Then, after a little more than an hour of heads up play, and with me holding about a 20K chip lead (we started with 10K each, so there was 90K in play) I picked up AJ and again shoved, Chris called with KQ.  A King came on the turn, and Chris crippled me.  A few hands later at about 1:15 am, in round 11 with blinds at 2,000/4,000 and 500 ante, I was all in with K7.  Chris called with K9, a nine even came on the turn to add insult to injury, and Chris was the champion.

Congratulations to Chris!  Make us proud in Tunica :)  

Thanks to everyone that played, it was “some good poker” and a good time.

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  1. Chris W. says:

    Thanks for hosting Bob. It was another great night of poker @ The Boblagio (but obviously, better for some than others). I’m looking forward to the events in Tunica. We’ve got alot of talent in our little local home game, and I’m 100% confident that one of us from this game will eventually run deep in one of these circuit events or bigger tourneys.

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