First HO Tournament

The Boblagio hosted its first HO tournament, (possibly not what you think ;) ), this past weekend.  We played our usual Hold ‘Em, and added Omaha High (i.e. HO).  I’ve played a one table HO elsewhere before, but this was my first time hosting; and it was a multi-table tourney.  I did some research beforehand, like at the previously mentioned, to try and decide when to switch between the two games.  I considered switching when the button rotated around the table back to its original seat.  But, eventually decided to use my tourney software and created alternating rounds using the clock.  This would keep the tables in-sync, and seemed to work-out well.

I originally had 22 players and had three tables set-up (8,7,7), but due to some last minute cancellations, which seems to happen a lot :( , had to do some last minute shuffling, and eventually started with two tables – one with 10 players and the other with 9.

Since it was during the holidays, I also decided to try and add a little bit of a party atmosphere and included a pot-luck appetizer option to the event.  This seemed to go over well.  We had a nice variety to choose from: Veggie Squares, Humus, Cheese Balls, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Jack Daniel Meatballs, Cookies, Cakes, and several other items.

As what seems to have become a standard occurrence, we welcomed some new players.  Zach came back for the second time (the previous time, the game was full and he didn’t get to play in the tourney), and brought his mom, Janet.  Kent, another member of the Superstars bowling league, also joined us for the first time.  We missed several of our regulars, as they understandably had other commitments during this busy holiday season.

So, as I stated earlier, we began with two tables, and consolidated to one table when we were down to 10 players remaining.  Zach and I were knocked-out in the same hand, in 5th and 6th places respectively, by Ben.  WallyG hung-in for a 4th place finish.  Janet, playing in her first Boblagio tourney finished in 3rd place.  Chris H., who beat me heads-up in the WSOP Satellite that I’ve previously posted about, went heads-up against Ben.  This time, Chris came up short, as Ben captured 1st place. 

Congratulations Ben, way to play!

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