New Mixed Game on PokerStars

Yesterday, I just happened to discover a new NLHE/PLO Mixed, 6-max game on PokerStars.  The buy-in was $3.30.  I don’t know how long it’s been running, but it did have “new” in the description.

Our last Boblagio game was a NLHE/NL Omaha, and the two previous “non-Boblagio” home tournaments that I’ve played in were also NLHE/NL Omaha; so I was anxious to try this one out.

I discovered it about a half-hour before it was scheduled to begin.  Then, I quickly texted a few people that I know who also play on Stars.  Eventually, Robin, Chris W., Chris H., and I played in the tournament.  A total of 123 players were registered.  Although, none of us four cashed, I think everyone enjoyed the opportunity to play in it.

I’d like to find out how often the games are scheduled, and hopefully they will become popular enough for PokerStars to continue, and maybe even schedule more often.

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