I’m Getting Older – and Better

I’m getting older and better, at least in bowling.  After many years of bowling, I’m having my best season ever.  This is despite having a nagging sore “bowling” shoulder since before the season began.

For the last few seasons, I’ve had a goal of carrying a 215 average.  After 22 weeks, my average is now 215.42.

Here’s a little chart (I love charts) of my Franklin Superstars league averages:

Season          Average
2009-2010         203
2008-2009         209
2007-2008         211
2006-2007         200
2005-2006         187

Six weeks ago, I had my highest 3-game league series ever; bowling a 758 (265, 239, and 254).  And, just last night, I beat that series with a 762 (258, 238, and 266).   Thus far this season, I’ve only had three sub-600 series.

My 266 game has elicited positive and negative emotions from me.  I’m definitely pleased anytime I have that kind of game.  But, I began with 7 strikes-in-a-row.  Then, I pulled the ball a little right, it finished a tad high and left the 6-8 split.  After that open frame, I struck out.  So, on the one hand, I can say that one ball cost me my first 300 game; however I fully realize that even if I had struck, as the pressure mounted, I could have “screwed up” later.

I have a couple of theories about my recent improvements.  Just like many other sports, golf immediately comes to mind, bowling is mostly “mental”.  And, the thing that I’ve been working on the most is my concentration.  Also, as I get older, I have many more aches and pains (I’ve considered having a permanent ibuprofen IV-drip installed :) ), which would seem to make my scores go down.  One of my biggest pitfalls is getting too fast in my approach, which in-turn completely throws my timing off.  So, my theory is, along with being more focused on more shots, that the ageing process has caused me to naturally slow-down, thereby improving my overall timing.

Our season has 13 weeks remaining, so we’ll see if I can accomplish my goal of having a 215 average at the end of the season.

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