A Cold Night at The Boblagio

It all started on Thursday, over a week prior to the game.  I emailed the invitations about 6:30 am.  By the evening of the next day, the tournament was full, and I had a waiting list by the following day.

The night before the game, we had an inch or so of snow. Combined with some sleet, this made a few of the roads pretty slippery.  I thought I might have some cancellations due to the road conditions.  However, surprisingly, everyone that had said they would play, showed-up.

The usual mix of regulars and new players (there were 6 Boblagio first-timers) played in the tourney.  After having some variations to the game the previous couple of times, I went back to just NLHE.  Following the usual announcements, we actually started playing about 7:15 pm.  The play proceeded about like it usually does.  We started with 28 players at 3 tables, my limit is 27, but due to an error on my part, I was over-booked with 28.  As the blinds increased, and players were eliminated, we consolidated to 2 tables when we reached 18 players.  After some more eliminations, the final table was set when we reached 10.

I had previously announced that the top 5 spots would cash.  The sixth player out, hence the “bubble boy”, was Chris H.  Next out, playing in his second Boblagio tourney, was Stephen P.  Then, yours truly cashed for the first time in a while with a fourth place finish.  Third place went to Kyle.  Andre, another recent addition to our group, and Joey went heads-up.  About 12:30 am, Joey took the top spot after a relative short battle.  And, at least for the short-term, disproved Kyle’s statement a little earlier when he called Joey “a donkey” after Joey had sucked out on him in a hand. 

Several players from our group are headed to Tunica this week to play in some of the WSOP Circuit Events.  So, after the trip, stay tuned for a summary of my first WSOP experience.

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