WSOP Tunica – Another Viewpoint

I thought I’d add this to my previous (rather long) post about my first WSOP experience.

The following is from an email I received from one of the players, Kevin K., that won one of our satellites to play in the $345 event.

Here’s Kevin’s email:

By the way – thank you for your encouragement at the tournament.  I had given up in my mind, and when u said – one hand, Kevin – you helped me continue to play tight, and sure enough I got a hand. I eventually doubled up to 20K by the dinner break.

Not sure if you know – from Noon to 6 (dinner break) I played in 7 hands and won them. EVERY OTHER HAND that I folded would NOT have been a winner had I played or gone all in.  We talked over dinner deciding 100K would be needed to get to the money – I would need to make a move quick before it got to the point that everyone would call my making a move.

After about 8 ALL IN’s, I hit the 100K mark and was feeling good.  AA, 10′s, QQ, JJ, QJ, and A6 suited got me there!

It dried up again but I was waiting for the good hands.  100K turned into 85K, and I started getting nervous.  They switched me to another table – 21 tables remaining – 210 people or less and they paid the top 108(I think) – and I was almost the short stack at my table – everyone else had 200K to 400K.  Antes were 200 and blinds were 1600/800 – expensive to sit there.

AK hits me, I call, guy behind me goes all in – took me 4 minutes to lay it down — to double my stack meant $$$$$$$ for us all.

QJ in my hand, Jack hits the flop, and a Q hits the turn – checked around – I think I am golden – NO ONE showed interest and one of the 2 LARGE stacks was holding his cards ready to throw them in.  I go ALL IN – the SHORT STACKED lady calls with KQ only to hit a K on the river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are no words to describe the flood of emotion in my brain – I could not think; I could not breathe; and I wanted to die right there!

A-10 suited hits me -  I go all in – the short stacked lady calls with 77 and they held up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HEARTBREAK CITY!!!!!!!!

All I can say is I learned a lot, had a great time, and I can’t wait for my next chance – I am preparing NOW!

Thought you might like to know.

See you soon!


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