Tuesday’s PokerStars Home Game

Last Tuesday, I hosted our third PokerStars Home Game.

There have been some issues with making deposits using the eCheck option lately.  And, since we have several new players, I decided to lower the buy-in to $5.  We had previously been playing $10 tournaments.

The Tuesday NLHE tournament had 13 players; so we had 2 tables.  I set it up with starting chip stacks of 3,000 and 15 minute blinds. 

From the feedback I’ve received, most of the players really enjoy the ability to play online with people they know.  There has been a lot more chat during the games than most of the regular PokerStars games I’ve played in.  And none of the verbal abuse that occasionally occurs in some online games.  A few of the players were not happy with the lower stakes, but as always occurs when there are many people involved, it’s difficult to make everyone happy.  I am, however, going to try scheduling several tournaments a week with different buy-ins, and see which games are the most popular.  My concern is that multiple games may divide the players, and the individual tourneys will end up with less participants.

Anyway, back to Tuesday’s game.  One really significant hand, for me anyway :) , was hand #79.  There were 6 players at my table; I was 3rd in chips with 2,665.  The blinds were 40-80, with a $10 ante.  I picked-up Q-Q on the button.  Everyone folds to me, and I raise to 240.  The SB folded and the BB is Caharbin, a very aggressive player who began the hand with 1,139 chips, raised to 640.  I then re-raised to 1,200, and Caharbin calls for 489 and is all-in.  He has A-K offsuit.  The flop was Q-7-Q.  Caharbin said, “Really?”. The turn was a 9 and the river a 7.  That was the first time I’ve had quads in a very long time.

I eventually went out in 6th place.  In hand #153, I started with 2,730 chips, and Langolier182 had 3,257 chips.  WillisMJ was the big stack, with 14,818 chips, and the short stack was pplplayer with 2,044 chips.  The blinds were 100-200, with a 25 ante.  I was dealt A-K offsuit UTG.  I chose to just call for 200, alimal also called for 200, WillisMJ called for 100 in the SB.  Langolier182, in the BB, raised to 3,232 and was all-in.  I called while alimal and WillisMJ folded.  Langolier182 showed J-J.  The flop was Q-5-K, and I was in great shape!  The turn was a Jack, giving Langolier a set of Jacks; and the river was an insignificant 2 – and I was on the rail.

WallyG351 was the “bubble boy” in forth place when his pocket nines lost to WillisMJ’s K-J on a board of 4-5-K-T-Q.   Langolier182 finished in-the-money with a 3rd place finish when he shoved post-flop on a board of Q-7-J, and holding J-7.  WillisMJ called with Q-T.  The turn brought another Queen and the river was a 3.  

WillisMJ and alimal had a short heads-up battle for the title, with Willis beginning with 31,519 and alimal with 7,481 in chips.  The blinds were 150-300 with a 40 ante.  In the first heads-up hand, alimal, on the button called. Post-flop (A-Q-3, two spades), Willis bet 400 and ali called.  The turn was a 9d, Willis bet 800 and ali raised another 1,000 to 1,800, and Willis folded.  In the 2nd heads-up hand, Willis raised to 600 from the button pre-flop, ali raised 1,500 to 2,100, and Willis folded.  In the next hand, ali raised to 1,800 from the button, and Willis re-raised to 16,200, ali called and was all-in.  Alimal’s J-J held-up against WillisMJ’s 5-5.  The chip stacks were alimal – 19322 and WillisMJ – 19,678 at that point.  On the very next hand, Willis was all-in and called by ali pre-flop.  Alimal had Ad-Jd, and WillisMJ had pocket Fives for the second hand in-a-row!  The flop was three diamonds: 5-6-T, giving alimal the flush, but WillisMJ had a set of 5′s with outs for a Full House.  The turn and river were a 9 and K, crippling WillisMJ.  WillisMJ hit a full house the next hand with Kings full of Queens to win a small pot.  The next, and last hand, alimal’s 4-6 paired the 4 on the turn to beat WillisMJ’s 2-7.

Next week, I plan on scheduling several tournaments with different buy-ins of different nights.

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