New Cash Game Chips

It’s been awhile since we had a “live” game at The Boblagio.  I guess everyone was anxious to play.  I sent the email invitation eight days before the scheduled tournament, at 8:06 am.  Within 15 minutes, seven players had RSVP’d.  When I went to bed that night, I had 2 open seats remaining.  When I checked my email the first thing the next morning, the game was full with 27 registered players, and I had a waiting list.

In the past I’ve had a chair issue, always needing to ask people to bring them.  Derrick solved that problem for me.  He found a deal on Craig’s List, and got 13 folding chairs for a grand total of $20.

I’ve mentioned before that we always have some new players at the game.  This time was no exception, as seven first-timers joined us. 

We had two Randy W’s playing.  Old Randy W, I say “old” because he’s been playing with us a long time and, well, because he’s old :) ; and I prefer that to the nickname he said his employees have for him – which is “shithead”, was the bubble-boy.  After winning a small pot in the second hand of the tournament with pocket Aces,  I had rags pretty much for the remainder of the evening, but was able to limp to the cash with a 5th place finish.  “New” Randy W, since it was his first time playing, and who we met at the WSOP Tunica, had a fine first outing at The Boblagio, and finished in 4th place.  Andre, overcame being intimidated by Nate ;) , and finished in 3rd place.

Apparently Lauren, Walter’s daughter, and also a Boblagio first-timer, was a bully in the early rounds of the tournament, and brought a massive chip stack to the final table.  She then went card dead for awhile, and was severely out chipped by Chris H went they began heads-up play.  Chris H, who won a large pot at the final table when he sucked-out with a Jack on the river, was able to leverage that hand to build a massive chip stack.  Heads-up play was pretty short-lived, with Lauren finishing an outstanding 2nd place; and congratulations to “any two cards” Chris H on his victory!

I was not that disappointed about busting out of the tournament, since that enabled me to play with my new cash game chips.

Palm Gaming International was having a sale on their “solid” PGI Compression Clays, that I found out about on (where I’m a member, albeit not a very active member).  I had been wanting to replace my Neophyte’s with some custom Boblagio chips for awhile, and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.

I announced at the beginning of the night that the cash game would end by 2:00 am, so we promptly stopped sometime after 3:00 :)

It appeared that everyone had a good time, and hopefully it won’t be as long until the next game.

In closing, here’s a close-up of the new chips:

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2 Responses to New Cash Game Chips

  1. Les says:

    Do you have any desire to part with your Neophytes? if so, can you outline what you have – might go well with my set.


  2. admin says:

    Sorry, but at this time I do not want to sell any of them.

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