I’m a Fish

At least, according to “booom123″ on PokerStars.  I think it’s pretty amusing how players that are fish themselves (I’ll explain later how I determined that) like to name-call other players while playing online.

Here’s what transpired to cause me to be labeled a fish. 

In a PokerStars $4.40 NLHE tournament a few days ago, a player, “booom123″, joined the table at the beginning of the third hand. He (I’m guessing he’s a “he”) immediately went all-in; and didn’t have any callers.  On the fifth hand “he” went all-in again; and again didn’t have any callers.

On the sixth hand, with the blinds at 10-20, Dinoslav888 raised 40 to 60 from UTG +1, I called from the button with K-T; it’s not as if my hole cards were important in this hand, as you will see.  I only called with K-T this time instead of raising because I fully expected booom123 to go all-in from the BB; and I would have called his all-in, even with K-T.  Surprisingly, he only flat-called.

The flop was: 5h, 4c, 2h.  Both players ahead of me checked, and I checked.  The Turn was the 3s, and again everyone checked.  The River was the Ad, putting a straight on the board.  “Dino” and “booom” both checked.  So, I bet 120 figuring neither of the other two had a 6 and/or 7.  booom123 called, and Dinoslav888 folded.

Booom123 showed Ts-Jd and I showed Ks-Th; and we chopped the pot two ways.  Booom123 keyed “fish” and then “pointless” in the chat window.  I thought about explaining that my fishy move gave both of us more chips than if I had just checked, but decided against it.  The competition online has enough good players, so why help the name-calling players?

I want to explain that I did not determine that booom123 was a fish from these few hands.  Often when I encounter these self-proclaimed “experts” online, as-well-as other times, ;)  I go “Topshark” and checkout their recent playing history.

At that point-in-time, booom123 was rated as a 6 & 5-stars by Topshark (i.e. http://www.pokerprolabs.com/topshark/ ).  If you aren’t aware, TopShark uses an algorithm to rank players, and displays the player’s tournament rankings (not cash games) displayed as card values, combined with stars.  Ace & 5-stars is the highest and 2 & 0-stars is the lowest.  Topshark also shows a player’s top 5 payouts along with their last 10 tournament results.  Booom123 had also cashed only once in his last 10 tournaments, his largest cash ever was $21.92, and he was down almost $500 in the previous 90 days.  So, I think my assessment is pretty accurate.

Following a policy of “full disclosure :) ”, I hate to report that booom123 did knock me out in the 18th hand, when his K-4, beat my A-K. I checked the tournament lobby later, and am happy to report that booom123 did not jeopardize his “cashless” streak.

Also, I’d like to make one final point.  I DO NOT consider myself an expert, otherwise I wouldn’t be playing in $4.40 buyin tournaments.  But, I don’t verbally abuse players online - or live; I just write blogs about them! :)   And, I thought my move in the hand I described was a pretty good one, and a move that many good players, but not a fish, would make in that situation.

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