KY Lake Fishing Trip

Although my blog is mainly about poker, I did comment in the beginning that I would occasionally write about other topics.  This is one of those times.

Kentucky Lake is one of my favorite lakes to fish.  It’s considered one of the premier crappie lakes in the country, and fisherman often travel long distances to fish it.  I’ve been there several times, and always fished the Big Sandy area of the lake.  It’s one of my favorite lakes because even though I only make it once every few years (but I’m trying to correct that issue), I can still catch fish there.

Early spring is a great time to catch crappie, as they move into the shallows to spawn.  So my friend, Ben, and I made reservations at Buchanan Resort several months ago, since they fill up early.  We arrived last Thursday afternoon, and stayed through Sunday.  The conditions appeared to be in our favor, except the wind :( .  The Dogwoods were blooming, which is usually a sign the crappie are about to spawn.  The temperature was warming each day, with moderate nights, especially for early April.  We had high expectations for loading the cooler with crappie fillets.

There had been some heavy rains a few weeks ago, and the lake had been drawn-down several feet; and was about 2-3 feet below summer pool when we were there.

I usually have the most luck while drifting the stump fields out in the open water of Big Sandy.  But, we had considerable difficulty doing that this trip, with the wind blowing anywhere from 20-30 miles-an-hour during most of each day.  We resorted to trying to fish the sheltered coves to hide from the wind.  However, I’m not very familiar with them.  Consequently, from a “catching” stand point, this turned out to be my worst KY Lake trip ever.  We only had 5 “keeper” crappie, a nice bream, and I also caught about a 2 lb. bass.  The guides on the lake, and some of the locals seemed to be catching some fish, but almost everyone else we talked to were only catching a few.  Shortly after we arrived, we talked with Rusty, one of the owners, and he said he’d heard the fishing was ready to “bust loose” any day.  Isn’t that the way fishing seems to be for the occasional fisherman: “should have been here yesterday (or tomorrow in this case)”?

But, like the saying goes: “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work”.  We did have several memorable experiences from the trip.  On Saturday morning, my 12 year-old “front” depth finder decided it didn’t want to work anymore, so I’m now shopping for a new one (I never really liked it anyway – it just made fishing Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning all that more difficult).

Four great guys from the Chicago area (like I said, people come from “all over” to fish the lake), were staying in the rooms next to us.  We quickly became friends, sharing “secret” fishing locations, sitting around in the evening and having cocktails, talking about duck hunting, and discussing our day’s results.  Rick said he had been coming there for 18 consecutive years.  His friends: Jeff, Freddy, and Vinny, had been coming to KY Lake varying lengths of time.  They were doing a little better than us, but still only catching 4-5 a day.  We exchanged contact information with the hope of meeting-up next year at Buchanan’s.

While fishing the last day, Ben and I had a Bald Eagle fly very low, and directly overhead while clutching a fish.  Sometimes, fishing is not just about catching fish.  I only wish I would have had time to get my camera.

Without a doubt, the most memorable experience from the trip was very unfortunate for one guy.  Someone said it “was” a Scion.  He had parked in the lot just above the boat ramp and forgot to put his car in “park”.  The photo below shows what happened.  The owner was sitting on a bench at the marina, drinking coffee, and trying to find the phone number for a tow truck.

Well, I’m headed to the grocery to buy me some fish :P

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