Randy’s Letter about his WSOP St. Louis Experience

The following letter was sent to me from Randy W., one of our “newest” regulars, asking that I forward it to The Boblagio distribution list.  With his permission, I’ve posted it here.

Hi Bob,

Can you forward this email to The Boblagio home-gamers?

First, I want to thank all of you that followed me and sent me emails or texts.  Second, after playing in two ring events (one in Tunica and one in St. Louis) and the main event in St. Louis, I can assure all of you the players at the Boblagio are as good… or better than competition in the events I played in.

 Below are a few notes:

 I went out last Wednesday with the goal of grinding $65.00 single table sit-and-go’s.  I was hoping to build enough of a bank roll to buy into the main event, pay for my expenses, and make enough to justify my time.  The buy in was $1,650 for the main event.  Well, I did make enough to cover my entry fees to the $65.00 SnG’s.  However, I was not building enough of a bank roll to pay for expenses and justify my time.

So, Saturday morning I checked out of the hotel and noticed I had about a $100.00 in casino chips.  I drove to the casino to cash them in and walked by the single table satellites to the main event.  I had no intention of playing, however I noticed two players sitting at the table that I had routinely beaten the last few days.  I thought what the heck, and sat down at the table.

Sure enough on the fifth hand of the SnG, one of those players three bet after the flop.  I had top set.  I four bet him all in and he called with an inside straight draw.  I doubled up.  About 10 minutes later, same thing; I flopped top set and another player three bet all in after the flop.  When he saw my set he mucked his hand and left the table.  I ended up winning the Sit-and-Go and had my entry fee paid to the main event.  I tell you this not to say I am a good player…but I got lucky; the other players made mistakes, and I flopped top set with them betting into me. 

Well, the highlight of main event was on day one.  The tournament started at 12:00 p.m. and lasted until 1:30 a.m.   About 7:30 p.m. our table broke, and I was moved to one of the two featured tables.  Greg Raymer and Dennis Phillips were at the featured tables.  At some point during play, I heard Raymer talking to someone behind me on the rail…I turned and it was Dwyte Pilgrim.  I sat two to the left of Greg Raymer and had position on him.  This table was full of good players.  Hugh Drummond sat directly to my left, Mike Souza was brought to the table (they both busted around midnight) and when Hugh Drummond busted…. Kyle Cartwright took his place.  When Cartwright came to the table he had less chips than me.  He was the eventual winner.

 I won a big pot when I limped with Aces while UTG and there was a three bet by the 3 seat and a four bet shove by the 7 seat.  I shoved and the three seat called (he had me and the 7 seat covered).  They had pocket eights and pocket sevens. Because of the three and four betting pre flop and the three bet shoves on the flop, it was very difficult to play a hand.  In the six hours I was at the table, less than ten hands went to showdown (unless a player was all-in.)

 On day two, I played four hands.

In the BB, the pot was raised to me and I shoved with A-K.  The other player mucked K-Q face up.  A few orbits later I was on the button with A-10 suited and called a raise.  The flop came 2-9-10 rainbow.  It was checked to me and I bet the other player called.  We checked to the river when a jack fell to match his jacks.  I played that hand really bad and lost about 11,000 chips.  The last two hands were reported on the internet.  I think I finished 68th but someone looked it up and said 81st.  It doesn’t matter, as I did not make the money.

 I will close with where I started.  Thanks for the emails and I can honestly say that if you can play at The Boblagio…you can get deep in the WSOP circuit events and when you do…don’t forget about the home-gamers at The Boblagio.   I am no better than the players at The Boblagio; so, I would expect someday for someone from The Boblagio to make a deep run into the $$$ or win…


 Here’s a link to the article about Randy at WSOP.com:


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