Welcome to The Boblagio Website/Blog

I’ve created this website to share news, views, information, and possibly generate discussion about several of my interests.  They consist of:

  1. Poker -My Home Game (aka “The Boblagio”), Online play, Casino play, Rules, etc.
  2. Bowling – My team, also named The Boblagio, bowls in the Franklin Lanes Superstars League.
  3. Fishing – I primarily fish for Crappie and Bass using my 1998 Hydra-Sports bass boat. But, enjoy ALL kinds of fishing.
  4. Photography – I enjoyed film photography many years ago, and still have my Minolta SRT-202 camera. The cost of developing color film became too cost prohibitive, and I gave up the hobby for a very long time. But, the passion for photography never went away, so I finally bought myself a digital camera this past Father’s Day.
  5. Random Thoughts – I occasionally have the urge to just write about random topics.

Some of my blogs will be of “local” interest only, like bowling scores for our Superstars league team, and events at our home poker games.  Sometimes, I plan on writing about topics that hopefully will have a more widespread interest, like observations from televised WSOP events, poker rules that have arisen in our home games, general bowling topics, and so on.

I have sincere intentions to blog on a regular basis, if not every day, then at least a few times a week.  I also plan on uploading photos that I’ve already taken and to continually add new photos on a regular basis.

I hope you visit often and are entertained by this site.

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One Response to Welcome to The Boblagio Website/Blog

  1. Kent Skinner says:

    Bob – I want to thank you again for the opportunity and honor of being added to the e-mail list of prospective players at TheBoblagio. Your pictures of the chips and tables and the history of how TheBoblagio evolved only add to my excitement. Based on your description of the variety of backgrounds of the players, I think my age (old), gender (male) and profession (CPA) should let me blend right in. Of course, my poor play and Hawaiian shirt may make be stand out a bit.

    Again, thanks for the chance to join in what will be a truly unique experience – one between a typical home poker game and a full-blown casino. From what I gather, it is more akin to the later.


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