Was There Player/Dealer Collusion?

We all know that bad beats exist, but don’t you sometimes wonder if there is collusion going on between a player and the dealer?

Just a couple of nights ago, I was playing in a home game at “The Boblagio”.  I was short-stacked, and picked up 6-6.  So, I decided to shove.  I had one caller, the player to my left; I’ll call him “Todd” (because that’s his real name) :) .  Todd had a huge stack, so it wasn’t a bad call with Q-J.  The flop had three small cards, something like: 4-5-4 (I don’t recall exactly).  The turn was another non-face card.  Someone commented that it was looking good for me to double-up.  But, of course, one of Todd’s six outs (there weren’t any flush possibilities) came on the river when a Jack was dealt.

I’ve seen videos of “card mechanics”, and you cannot tell when a good one has stacked the deck.  Check-out this YouTube video: watch?v=n3bnMv3ULes

Is it just me, or does it seems that the one and two-outer’s (or 6 outers in this particular instance) hit a lot more than 2-4 % of the time on the river?  So, what are the explanations?  Is there a card mechanic dealing, or maybe we just remember the suck outs more when they don’t go in our favor?

To answer my original question: “Was there cheating going on?”; I know in this particular case it was not – because I was the dealer! :-D

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