Andre’s WSOP Main Event Experience – Only One More Day

Some updates were added below on Sunday, July 10th.
Added some more photos on Sunday, July 10th afternoon.

One of The Boblagio’s regular players, Andre’, is headed to the WSOP Main Event a week from today.  He was the winner in another home league where the prize was an entry into this year’s main event.

He has promised to send me regular updates about his experience that I will add to this post.  Andre’ is in Day 1 – Group D; therefore his first day is Sunday July 10th, so stay tuned beginning around the 11th for updates.

Update #1 (July 10th) - Waiting to Play

From Andre’ early yesterday morning: “Just landed in Vegas and the adrenalin is really pumping!  Plan to do a lot of running to settle the nerves before play on Sunday.

Proof that Andre’ really is registered for the Main Event


Andre’ at a Caesar’s Palace fountain 

I wonder if Andre’ knows that Pegasus was known as the symbol of wisdom, and especially fame,
from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance?




 Is this an omen?


Outside the Main Event   Inside the Main Event
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Some photos Andre’ sent
(click on thumbnail for larger pic, then the back button to return):
1) WSOP Poker Room Glimpse
2) Phil Helmuth – Short-stacked (about $5,200); he’s already “gotten-into-it” with player on his immediate right
3) Phil Helmuth’s Backside
4) Daniel Negreanu
5) T-shirt Andre’ plans on buying when he cashes



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2 Responses to Andre’s WSOP Main Event Experience – Only One More Day

  1. Chris W. says:

    Go Andre. Take it down!

  2. Andre says:

    Thanks, Chris. And thanks everyone for their support. Walking into the Main Event right now. More later………

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