Andre’s WSOP Main Event Experience – Early Observations

The BIG day, Andre’s Day One, is finally here.  Below are some of his observations from prior to beginning his play:

“Well, the day is finally here: my debut in the World Series of Poker’s Main Event!!

I am excited, nervous, anxious, terrified but, most importantly and above all, I am READY for this! One hand at a time, one blind level at a time, one day at a time, etc. What my words and photos cannot possibly describe fully is the hype and excitement here. Thousands of people and media cameras everywhere………

Last night, I watched the feature tables — there are three — and watched as Phil Helmuth ranted about players at his table gunning for him late in the evening. He got into several heated exchanges with a European poker player sitting next to him. At the break, he sought help from officials which gave the entire table a ‘warning’ upon return from break. Phil was short stacked and most feel this was the reason for his behavior. He doubled up with an AK off-suit push to about $8,500 before officials got tired of matters and the table was broken up. The media was clearly disappointed it wasn’t going to get it’s much hoped for and awaited elimination/blow up. I haven’t checked to see if he survived the last hour of play.

Daniel Negreanu was completely different, talking and laughing with his table players. Clearly a good guy and playing with him must have been a thrill. I have pictures of each I sent you. I didn’t see any other pros I recognized, but I also didn’t spend much time down there. I figure I’ll get plenty of time (well, I hope!!) today and for the rest of the week.”

Note: please click on “Andre’s WSOP Main Event Experience – Only One More Day” under “Recent Posts” or scroll down to see an earlier post and photos about Andres’ experience.

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  1. Zack Jones says:

    I heard that rapper Nelly is playing today… be careful! I’m sure he’s a shark. :)

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