Andre’s WSOP Main Event Experience – Out

Andre’ gave me a brief call to tell me he got knocked-out last night, just a few minutes before the end of Day Two.  He did run his chip stack up to about 85,000 earlier in the day.

As the blinds increased and he went “card dead”, his stack gradually dwindled.  Finally, he decided to push all-in with 6-6.  He had one caller, a lady with A-Q; and she spiked an Ace, sending Andre to the rail.

He is going to provide me with some more details, and I’ll make one last post about his experience.  Randy W. accompanied Andre on the trip, and has been mainly playing cash games, but he decided to play in a $235 WSOP event, and went deep; finishing in 24th place out of 399 players.  He is also going to provide me a detailed account of his experience, which I’ll also post.

All-in-all, Andre said it has been an amazing experience!

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One Response to Andre’s WSOP Main Event Experience – Out

  1. Robin says:

    Andre did great, I know next year he will do better, if the cards and luck are with him as we know he has the skill to do it!

    Can’t wait to hear more details.

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