WSOP Tunica 2012

This past January, several players from our local poker group travelled to Tunica to participate in one of several WSOP Circuit events (which I wrote about, located here:  A few of us had already starting making plans for the upcoming events that will take place in late January and early February, 2012.  I was thinking about hosting a satellite or two for a $345 buy-in tournament.  I was also hoping we could get as large of a group, if not larger, than this past trip. 

Win or lose the satellite, I was planning on playing in the Event #2 No Limit Hold’em tournament on Saturday, February 4th and 5th.  Notice I’ve been saying “was”.  Recently, I found out that the Super Bowl is February 5th, 2012.  As much as I would like to go back to Tunica for a WSOP tournament, I don’t really want to play on Super Bowl Sunday; I know the tourney begins on Saturday, but I was planning to still be playing on Sunday. :)   Unfortunately, Event #2 is the only $345 buy-in NLHE tournament scheduled that begins on Saturday.  So, since I don’t have time-off from work, I won’t be playing in any of the Tunica WSOP events in 2012. :(

It’s going to be difficult to become a poker star only playing in home games.  Maybe I can make it to St. Louis in April?

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