2012 Poker Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Instead of making broad, sweeping resolutions, I thought I’d narrow mine down to poker specific ones.

So, here they are:

1. First, and most important, I resolve to play MORE poker.  With the shutting-down of online “real money” poker in the U.S., I’ve only been averaging playing about twice a month in “live” games.  I do play play money games on PokerStars, but those don’t really count.  So, until our politicians get their heads out of their asses, I’ll just be trying to increase my time on the felt – much t0 my wife’s chagrin.

2. I also resolve to play more poker in casinos.  I’ve only been playing averaging about once a year in a “real” casino.  Despite my previous post about missing this year’s WSOP event in Tunica (which I’m seriously reconsidering), I am going to try and make at least two or three trips this year.  I have two free Southwest Airlines tickets, so maybe I can even make it to Vegas.

3. I’ve always played tournaments at casinos, so I resolve to begin playing Cash games also.

4. When I do make it to a casino game, and especially if it’s the Goldstrike in Tunica, I resolve to not get knocked-out of a tournament by being sucked-out on by some old geezer who bets half his stack pre-flop with something like Jack-Eight off suit.

5. I feel I’ve got a decent knowledge foundation of Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, but I resolve to study and play it more, and to get much better.

Here’s some resolutions specific to some of the “regulars” in my home game.  These are all in “good fun”, and if anyone mentioned actually reads them, I hope they are not offended:

1. I hereby resolve to determine what time-zone Chris W. is using; because apparently it is not the same one I use, since “45 minutes early” in his time-zone equates to ”5 minutes early” in mine.

2. I resolve to change the start time to 7:30 one-time, so Kenny can actually participate in the first hand.

3. I resolve to buy two monitors to connect to my laptop for the tournament clock so Choo and Walter don’t have to bring their computers.

4. I will, at least once, remove a card from one of the decks before we start, so Chris H. will not feel his efforts to always count the cards are futile.

5. I will install sound-proof ceilings, for when Kevin K. plays. 

6. I will remove all Queens from decks when Kevin B. is playing so that he will not, was again, be knocked-out while holding Q-Q.

7. If still in the tournament, and an Omaha Hi-Lo cash game starts with Joey playing, I resolve to “sit-out” for the remainder of the tournament so I can play in the cash game.

8. I resolve to insta-fold anytime Randy W. is playing the hand.  Note – we have two Randy W’s; one is Randy “I only play A-A, K-K, A-K, and maybe Q-Q, and ONLY when on the button”, and the other one is known as Randy “Full House”, and this resolution applies to either one.

9. I resolve to not laugh at Andre when he is stomping around and mumbling to himself after he is knocked-out or lost a large pot when someone sucked-out on him, which often occurs.

10. I will continue to invite Derrick, Erick, and Brad despite them being fans of the teams from the state of beautiful horses and fast women.

11. I resolve to “watch my back” when Doc’s around.

12. If Robin RSVPs that she’s playing, I resolve to remember there is a solid 50% probability that she will actually show up.

13. I resolve to someday, have just a cash game and no tournament, just for Walter.

14. I resolve to convince Choo that the “Asian gene” is not a license to see 90% of the flops, thereby causing his Poker Journal chart to trend downwards.

15. I resolve to keep a stocked humidor for Matt so that he has something to do until the cash game begins.

16. I resolve to host a “Low Chicago” tournament for Kevin K.

17. I will continue to invite Jerry, even though he is a gator fan.

18. I resolve to someday figure-out which one is Erick, and which one is Derrick.

19. I resolve to have someone on “stand by” when Kyle says he’s going to play.

20. I will purchase a larger (make that a much larger) ashtray for Kevin, James, Chris, Robin, Charlie, and various other players.

21. I resolve to open a satellite location in China for Michael P. since he seems to spend most of his time there.

22. I resolve to not develop a craving for ice cream everytime Ben and Jerry play.

23. And finally, I resolve to become a real stickler of the rules. :)

Happy 2012 to Everyone!

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3 Responses to 2012 Poker Resolutions

  1. Chris W. says:

    I’m using relative time, Bob.
    Looking forward to more great games at the Boblagio in 2012!

  2. andre says:

    funny, bob. really, really funny!! can i help it if donkeys graze everywhere i play?! well, i can’t think of a better place to play than boblagio! have a terrific 2012, bob, and watch out for me, the donkey stallion!

  3. andre says:

    …… and you really need to go to Vegas to pay in one of the WSOP events, Bob. Its an amazing experience and you’d do well, I believe.

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