I’ve created this website to share my thoughts about some of the things I’m passionate about.

The primary blogs will be Poker or Bowling related.  Secondary topics of interest are: Photography, Fishing, The Outdoors, and Cycling. Sometimes I just like to ramble about some random topic.

I host a home poker game that one of my regular players, Chris H., gave the name “The Boblagio” to a few years ago. I play online regularly on PokerStars.  And, I get to play occasionally in casinos. 

I bowl in a very competitive league named The Franklin Superstars.  My average at the time of the creation of this website is 212.

I love to fish, but do not get to go as often as I like.  I have a 1998 Hydra-Sports bass boat, and primarily fish for Crappie and Bass.  But, I enjoy all kinds of fishing; I used to live in Florida and fished offshore for kingfish, among other species. I am fortunate enough to get to go Trout fishing every once in a while.

I enjoyed film photography many years ago, and still have my Minolta SRT202 camera. The cost of developing color film became too cost prohibitive, and I gave up the hobby for a very long time. But, the passion for photography never went away, so I finally bought myself a Nikon D90 this past Father’s Day.  And, am really enjoying learning to use it.

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  1. Rod Meriwether says:

    Excellent site. I need poker tips!!

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